The Smalls Project was born in 2006 out of the long running Thursday morning TOTS group as a result of the increase in membership numbers.

September brings a new academic term, and a new start for our SM4LLs groups.  These are groups for parents / carers and babies / toddlers during term time.  SM4LLs is part of St Matthew’s mission to the community, please pray for all involved; they we would be a good demonstration of God’s love.

The groups all meet in term time and consist of:


TOTS: on Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-11.30, for parents and carers with babies and toddlers. The group offers free play, a craft and a snack for the older toddlers as well as tea and coffee for the adults. Sometimes the groups have local services coming in such as the neighbourhood worker from WSCC, surveying local needs, or local people with a small business (e.g. card selling or children’s books) that have a table during the group and make a contribution to our funds.

Little Fish

Little Fish: is on Wednesdays from 10.00-11.30, potentially for the same clientele as TOTS but structured around a bible story with appropriate songs, craft and play. The group continues to grow and is an important element of our Church outreach.

A report from the Little Fish on Wednesdays

A little group with a very big heart! Our not-so-new-now curate Sara-Jane takes the helm on a Wednesday, ably supported by midshippersons Noleen and Katie and sometimes Helen and Anne too. Also in the ranks is captain emeritus, Mary. We miss our Firstmate Judith, who kindly offered to move across to lead the Thursday TOTS when the need arose in December. However, the biggest portion of the ship’s rum goes to Helen, for collecting useful magazine pictures, cutting out art supplies and seemingly having a craft for everything hidden in her boatshed at home!

After a slow start to the school year, we now have a core group of 7 or 8 children who attend our weekly service (yes, Little Fish is a service of worship as well as an Under5s group), but we have had up to 12 so far this term. They bring with them a lovely group of parents, grandparents and carers, and together we have a wonderful time learning more about God and each other.

You will notice our art and craft work appearing on the church pillars from time to time, do go over and have a look at what we have been learning. This term we have been learning all about the creation account in Genesis, and we are all looking forward to our first Wednesday back after half term when we will be enjoying ‘Adam and Eve biscuits’!

As well as our Bible stories, we sing songs, pray, do craft, playdough modelling, painting and drawing and lots of sticking. There is a lot to learn about our great big God and all our activities help us do that. And if we have lots of energy that needs burning off, we also use the Smalls toys and puzzles.


SNAPS: is on 1st and 3rd Fridays from 09:30 – 11:30 and is a support group for parents and carers with children with special needs. Some children attend with their parents but mostly parents come alone. SNAPS is part of a network of people and organisations, and has links with the Worthing branch of the National Autistic Society and other groups, giving access to their resources and experience. Group members also campaign for better play and other facilities locally for children with special needs.

From time to time other activities take place under the umbrella of Smalls.